Count ’em…..8!

23 Jun

We’re getting excited about the upcoming sale! Last night (and into the wee hours of the morn) was spent turning my house into our own little home boutique. And I must say, we’ve got some great stuff!

Can’t wait for ya’ll to see….


save the date….

16 Jun

summa, summa, summatime. {@ Sugar Me}

1 Jun

Fancy fresh summer window inspiration board. We’re feeling sunny. Breezy. ahhhh…..


Sunday {last minute save!}

9 May

So, as you may know, Sunday was Mother’s Day! And yes, my family spoiled me rotten, with flowers and treats, breakfast at my favorite spot, new magazines, chocolate, and a new {to me – YAY craigslist!} roadbike for my upcoming mini-triathalon! Not to mention that my mister came home from a trip a few days early – bonus! In all the craziness of single parenting last week, I may or may not have forgotten to mail the cards I actually purchased for my Mom and my Mother-In-Law.  OOOPS!! This leads me to Saturday, when, realizing such, I panicked a little! Thankfully, my inner graphics girl kicked in, and I whipped up a couple of email-able cards for them! So easy to do if you have Pages, Photoshop, or any other simple page design software.  I used all free fonts, and then saved each one as a PDF, emailed them out, and VOILA! I’m the forgetful socially conscious, green daughter of the year! WOOT!

In the tradition of being a day late for such things, here’s a look at what I did.  You could do the same for any holiday, birthday, or special occasion.  I also reminded the moms that if they wanted a paper copy to hang on the fridge, they could just print it out!

For my Mama:

And for my Mother-In-Law:

Cheers to all the moms out there – hope your day was wonderful! xoxo


Sara’s Bridal shower! {love…}

11 Apr

OK, OK already – we’ve been teasing you long enough about our super fun bridal shower!  Sam and Sara are the co-owners of Cupcake Couture, a delicious little clothing boutique in downtown McMinnville.  They also happen to be sisters-in-law, so when Sam approached us to help with Sara’s bridal shower, we knew it had to be more than just special! She had a clear, articulated picture of how she wanted it to look and feel, which was so great for us to work with.  Where to start….there were so many fun details! {We showed you our original inspiration board here.} Sam’s original request was for two specific things: paper creations, including a silhouette image of the bride and groom with their names included, and design elements for the shower including custom plates, ideas for floral arrangements, a mantlescape, and a large backdrop for behind the main food area.  We were also thrilled to be able to provide day of help setting up, arranging, and perfecting all the details!

We started with the basic logo design.  We searched for a long time to find the perfect image, and considered doing a custom silhouette of the bride, but time was an issue.  So many of the images were too juvenile, or just didn’t look like the bride to be.  We were thrilled to find this AH-MAZING free download from the darling wedding blog Love and Lavender to provide the basic silhouette image.  It happens to have a great resemblance to Sara as well! If you’re planning a wedding, or know someone who’s planning a wedding, or just like to {ahem} obsess about other peoples’ weddings, pleeease clickety-clack your little fingers over to Love and Lavender.  You won’t be sorry!  Anyhow.  Here we go!

We cropped the image down, added our fun flourishes, text, and voila! Client happy, we’re happy.  Once we had our basic logo, we whipped out some fun wraps for the utensils/napkins, labels for all the delicious snacks & treats, and of course, the backdrop.

We also decided to incorporate the initials and image onto some cute wine charms for the champagne flutes…

And finally, finishing up with all the details…. signage for the street, styling advice for flowers, decor, and all the fun flourishes day of! It was so much fun to be a part of, and we’re so thankful Sam & Sara made us part of her day! If you stop by the shop, make sure and wish Sara a HUGE congrats – her wedding was last weekend!



doo doo doo doo… {get your sexy on!}

10 Apr

Hey Lay-deeeees! We hope you’ve popped over from Megan M. Jones’ site to get some info and inspiration for the upcoming Boudoir Photography event.  (If you’re a McMinnville/Salem/Portland local and you HAVE NOT heard the word about the photo party of the year, check it out here.)  We’re over the moon excited to be part of this event, and we have all kinds of fun sweets and treats, props, styling and good clean {ok, slightly naughty} fun in the works.  In the meantime, we thought maybe y’all could use some motivation to start putting your sassy selves together! Also – we never, ever pass up a chance to spend a few hours {ahem} minutes in our favorite place on the internet….POLYVORE!  So girls, get your appointment set for a leg wax, dig out that red lipstick, and get ready to let your inner diva have her day!

cowgirl chic boudoir

cowgirl chic boudoir by sbutler featuring leather bracelets

XOXO – Stay tuned for more details…

Bringing sexy back,


You’re too sexy…

10 Apr

We’re beyond excited to be a part of Miss Megan’s Boudoir Photo Shoot event at the end of the month. She’s secured a fab location at The Third Street Flats here in McMinnville. Planning has begun: outfits, lighting, hair, makeup, styling, a killer playlist, food and beverages {of the liquid courage sort} it’s going to be a sweet time! If you live near McMinnville and want more details let us know!

Up next…our themey theme boudoir ideas!

…on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah…..